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WHAT is The Nod?  

It’s a digital publication that curates essential reads on everything lifestyle, arts, and culture to give readers a unique perspective on modern life, especially in an Indian context. It offers well-researched POVs on fashion, beauty, wellness, tech, work, environment, identity, relationships, travel, food, books, movies, performing and visual arts, and more. Basically, it’s what you need to know to be in the know.  

WHO's behind it? 

The Nod team has some of India’s best writers, editors, photographers, and designers. People in our team have worked at the coolest and most respected media houses in the country, including Vogue India, ELLE India, Penguin Random House, Rolling Stone India, Architectural Digest, Hindustan Times, Condé Nast Traveller, ThePrint, Femina, and DNA.  

But WHY do I need it?  

Our sharply written and designed features tell you more about everything you like to read and talk about, and give you something new to think about every day.  

Cool! WHERE can I read it? 

Apart from reading our website every day, you can also subscribe to our newsletters and follow The Nod on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.