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Beauty brands are in their merch era

These Instagrammable items have nothing to do with beauty, but sell out in minutes

Full disclosure, my laptop is decked out with colourful stickers that read ‘Glossier’ in loopy letters. The only way I could talk myself out of buying the brand’s signature millennial pink hoodie (as seen in countless IG posts and on Timothée Chalamet) was by reminding myself I own several pink hoodies already. I did succumb to buying the Brooklyn mini tote, though. In short, I’m a sucker for cute merch. 

Branded merch isn’t a novel concept, but of late, more and more beauty brands are producing Instagrammable items that aren’t related to make-up or skincare, but have the ability to sell out in minutes (Hailey Bieber, we’re looking at you). A way for superfans to pledge their allegiance to the brands they love and to show the world what they’re into, these limited-edition items are equally functional and fun. 

Whether you’re a sunscreen fanatic or a dewy-skin obsessive, listed below are the best wearables (and usables) from beauty brands you can get your hands on right now. Happy shopping! 



The brand’s current summer capsule collection of Glossier Goods includes a beach towel, a bandana, a claw clip and comb, and a utility sling. Our pick? The handy rope sling, which comes with a key clip, a bottle opener, and a three-eyed smiley charm. Perfect for beach days and afternoons by the pool.

Glossier utility sling_thenodmag
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Bieber’s viral phone case, which holds its Lip Peptide Treatment, is now available in four more colours to match the flavours. In case you were wondering, we tried and you can also fit other tube-format products in it!

Summer lip case-Rhode_thenodmag
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Are you that person who’s always reminding your friends and family to wear sunscreen? If so, this t-shirt is perhaps a less (or more) annoying way to do it. Either way, you get to profess your passion for slapping on SPF every day.

Supergoop WearSunscreenTee_thenodmag
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While it might be raining non-stop right now, the sun will come out again and, on that day, you’ll be grateful you have a cute little hat that matches your blue D’you sunscreen.

Dyou unkissed cap_thenodmag
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Summer Fridays

If you’re using the brand’s Jet Lag mask, chances are you’re pretty busy and travelling a lot. Summer Fridays gets it: which is why they’ve redesigned their Self-Care Rituals + Daily Planner in a smaller size so you can plan your schedule and practice gratitude on the go. 

Daily Planner-summer-fridays_thenodmag
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Tower 28

Are you also obsessed with T28’s SOS rescue spray? If the answer is yes, there’s no better way to let people know than to wear its clothing equivalent—the SOS (Save Our Seas) hoodie in their signature sunset orange. All profits are donated to the environmental non-profit Heal the Bay for ocean conservation. 

Tower 28-hoodie_thenodmag
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It’s no secret that all of Gisou’s honey-infused products smell divine. The Mirsalehi honey scented candle not only smells great, but also creates an atmosphere that sets the perfect mood for an indulgent self-care routine.

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Friday Feeling

In case you need a reminder to stay hydrated, an ESWB is the way to go. Although this is a tumbler, it comes with a sturdy straw and the words “emotional support water bottle” stamped on it—which, I guess, makes it equally assuring? You’ve got this! 

friday feeling tumbler
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Missed the Merit x Proenza Schouler iteration of their signature tie-able bag last year? There’s a new limited edition Merit x Tove silk bag on the brand’s website right now that’s shipping free with orders over US$100. You’re welcome! 

Merit X Tove bag_thenodmag
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