Photographs by Sarang Gupta
Hair & Make-up 13 Jun 2024 1 MIN

Suman Jalaf’s brow routine is pretty high maintenance

Put down that tweezer and follow her five-step guide

From supermodel Kate Moss to Bollywood A-lister Deepika Padukone and a cult-like following of clients and fans in between, London-based eyebrow specialist Suman Jalaf’s artistry is known the world over. So how does the expert maintain her own brows? Below, she shares her personal routine to get thicker, fuller brows that are guaranteed, she says, to take years off your face.

1. Prep: Begin by applying a nourishing brow serum to condition your eyebrows. Allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes to ensure optimal absorption. 

2. Trim: Use a brow brush to comb through your eyebrows, identifying any long or unruly strands that need trimming. Use sharp precision scissors to carefully trim these, maintaining the natural shape of your brows. 

3. Shape: To achieve a clean and defined look, tweeze any unwanted hairs that fall outside the shape you want. A mapping string is useful for better precision. 

4. Define: Enhance the shape and definition of your brows by filling them in with a sharp, pointed brow pencil. Use light, feathery strokes to mimic the look of natural hair and sculpt the perfect arch. 

5. Finish: Finally, set your brows in place by applying a tinted or clear brow gel. This will help hold your brows in shape through the day while adding a subtle hint of colour and dimension. 

Watch the video for a detailed guide.