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Safa Siddiqui wants you to ask for these push presents

‘Dubai Bling’-approved gifts for new moms

In Season 2 of Netflix’s Dubai Bling, one of the show’s stars, Safa Siddiqui, spent a lot of time reminding her husband, Fahad, that she was waiting for a push present—a gift from the father to the mother after their baby is born (she had recently given birth to their second daughter).

Now, if there’s anyone who knows how to use fashion to communicate a message, it’s Safa Siddiqui. Think the camo-printed masked bodysuit from Vetements she wore while ‘spying’ on her husband; the blood-red python-print corset top and pencil skirt she wore to bare her claws at an all-white themed ‘peace’ party, the bondage-inspired Dolce & Gabbana dress for a drama-fuelled brunch.

Her hints for a post-delivery present (which included dressing both daughters in socks emblazoned with the words ‘push present’ and herself wearing a dazzling hair clip with the same message) worked their charm, unsurprisingly, and her husband gifted her a set of fine jewellery, the keys to her own office, and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

“A push present is important,” says Siddiqui, “because it makes women feel appreciated after the whole process of pregnancy. It can be quite a difficult period, you don’t feel like your normal self during those nine months. The labour can be unpredictable and everyone recovers in their own time. A push present is a chance for the husband to show a bit of gratitude and that can mean a lot.”

So when it comes to curating a list of the best push presents for new moms, who better than the queen herself? To-be fathers, take note.


Cartier Love Bracelet

The iconic bangle with its signature oval shape and visible screws comes with its own mini screwdriver to secure it in place. For Siddiqui, “it’s a symbol of love. A gift like this really locks in the bond between mum, dad, and baby.” Choose between yellow, white, and pink gold and customise it with an engraved message.

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Bulgari Serpenti Ring

Across traditions, snakes are seen variously as protectors, healers, and harbingers of fertility. Since the Italian house debuted a Serpenti piece in 1948 (a watch with a dial that was the head and a flexible strap to form the body), it has extended the motif to necklaces, bracelets, bags, and rings. In classic Siddiqui style, she says she believes that “as a new mother, you need to be protected from the (metaphorical) snakes around you and your children, so hopefully, this is a reminder to beware.”

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Kolours Jewelry Tetris 14k Gold Bracelet

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” states Siddiqui, “so a tennis bracelet is a foolproof gift.” The gem-encrusted cubes of this modern take on the style are meant to resemble the blocks from a game of Tetris. And the unisex design means it's a piece that mom and dad can share.

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Audemars Piguet Code 11.59

As of earlier this year, the Swiss watch maker only makes 55,000 pieces annually of its Code 11.59 range. That’s an improvement from 2,000 in 2020 but that still makes a watch from this collection truly special. Choose one in rose gold with extra bling. “It’s an heirloom you can pass down to your child,” says Siddiqui.

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Aurus Kaira Necklace & Chaaru Earrings

“I am an Arab married to an Indian and I enjoy things that are a bit more traditional,” says Siddiqui. This set from Ahmedabad-based Aurus features diamonds, pearls, and rubies with a peacock motif, and one that Siddiqui feels marries their cultures and their love for jewellery.

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