Shroff at home with her grandmother’s Afghan hound, Lucy
Photographs by Sarang Gupta, Styling by Naheed Driver
Fashion 02 Jul 2024 4 MIN

Tania Shroff has ‘it’

The eternally online tastemaker on being that girl, her top shopping spots, and the Tumblr addiction that made her fall in love with fashion

My relationship with fashion began early on. As a child, I loved playing dress-up and putting on fashion shows. It really started to become more serious around middle school. I was a big Tumblr girl and would follow all the fashion weeks and loved to keep up with street-style photographers and trends. Tumblr was an addiction; it really made me fall in love with fashion.  
An It girl is more than an aesthetic or what clothes you wear. It’s something that cannot be bought or be posted about. It’s just knowing your value and not having the need to devalue somebody else. 
My perennial style icons are Bianca Jagger, Monica Bellucci, the Olsen twins...the list does go on and on. 

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It’s a holiday about dressing up, right? Putting a look together, being creative, having fun—all my favourite things! Why wouldn’t I take it seriously? Last year, I did two looks. One costume paid homage to Jane Birkin and I also dressed up as the Nirma girl from the ’80s washing powder commercial. This was, hands down, the most iconic Halloween idea I’ve had so far. My team and I were even able to replicate part of the original commercial and it went viral! 

When it comes to my personal style I think staying simple and classic is how I remain put together. While I love a full look, I don’t complicate or overthink it, but just accessorise the basics and walk out the door.

One thing I have never worn is a sari! I’m not sure why, but I’m dying to wear one.
My favourite designers of all time are... It’s hard to pick favourites, but I would have to say Yves Saint Laurent for sure, John Galliano, and Miss Sohee. Sohee Park and I were in the same foundation year in college. It’s so amazing to see how she has grown and I love that I get to be a part of her story in some way.

For basics, I love to shop at Dissh and The Frankie Shop. Otherwise, I love thrifting. The vintage shops are always refreshing to go back to because nothing is ever the same. 

My relationship with social media is medium healthy. I only post and put out content when I want to. But I do find myself spending a lot of time scrolling through various feeds. I feel like that’s where most of the fashion is happening, so I end up spending more time reading fashion news and looking up designers (basically my market research) than putting together posts or reels of myself. 
My signature scent is Morning Chess by Vilhelm Parfumerie. 
Self-care and guilty pleasures go hand-in-hand. For me they take the form of spending time on TikTok, baking, a massage, a hot bath, or a movie. 
One thing I do before I go to bed is put my Invisalign in. I can’t sleep without it! 

I enjoy collecting shoes and bags—vintage pieces especially. I also love collecting concert merch. It’s like taking home a little piece of the night.

I’ve recently started vlogging. I travel so much and get to experience so many cool things. Honestly, I have a tough time remembering it all. So it’s really a way of creating a little video diary for myself. I’m just having fun with and trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera because believe it or not, I’m good with pictures—but video, not so much.

One thing I wish people knew about me is that I am way more than my Instagram! I love adventure and doing activities that keep me off my phone. I hardly ever post on social media in real time, and that’s mainly because I’m trying to live in the moment.

Watch Tania Shroff cook up a few fun looks in our new series, below.


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Make-up by Riddhima Sharma. Hair by Kunj Sharma